Grand Haven Firm’s LED System Has Potential for 95% Energy Savings


Grand Haven-based Light Corp. today unveiled a new LED lighting system they say can reduce a warehouse or manufacturing plant’s energy usage by up to 80 percent, or with an optional built-in wireless upgrade, up to 95 percent.

Designed for large, open spaces, with heights of 15 to 60 feet, the DayStar LED system can be controlled from a simple interface on a laptop, says Justin Moorehead, a Light Corp. spokesman.

“It’s like playing Minesweeper,” Moorehead says. “You can click on each light fixture in the facility and assign them to a group. Then, like you would schedule an appointment in Outlook, you can schedule your light fixture (timing) in accordance with what’s going on on the floor, like break times or lunch times.”

The platform allows a facility manager to use energy only to the extent needed, with a range of 0-100 percent digital dimming, with pre-programmed and reactive energy optimization strategies.

Further contributing to energy savings are the lighting system’s occupancy sensors and daylight sensors, which can be programmed to react to motion or natural light coming in through windows and skylights, respectively. “That further optimizes your schedule protocol to further reduce your energy usage,” Moorehead says.

Light Corp. is currently accepting orders for the DayStar systems, with the first shipment scheduled by Jan. 1.

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