Gov. Rick Snyder Promotes Two Longtime Aides to State Leadership Roles


Governor Rick Snyder today announced his decision to appoint former state legislator and lieutenant governor Dick Posthumus as his chief of staff. Posthumus has served as Snyder’s senior advisor since the governor took office in 2011.

“Dick is an unwavering public servant whose positive attitude and commitment to teamwork and the reinvention of Michigan have already helped steer Michigan’s comeback over the past six years,” says Snyder. “There are few people in this state who can compare to Dick Posthumus when it comes to having a depth of knowledge about state government and how it should be serving the people of Michigan.”

After working closely with Snyder for six years, Posthumus said he’s most impressed with Snyder’s “relentless positivity” and ability to “get things done in the public sector,” according to a press release.

“What Gov. Snyder has accomplished is incredible, especially when you consider how many things he has finished that were merely attempted or just talked about for decades,” adds Posthumus. “I’m honored that he asked me to help lead a great team that has helped Michigan’s comeback take shape and is now working on a strong future for our state and our people.”

Additionally, Snyder also promoted Darin Ackerman to be the new director of legislative affairs, having served as the deputy director of the department since 2011. Snyder and Posthumus agree that Ackerman’s experience and commitment to the administration made him a “natural choice” for the role.

“Michigan has come a long way but that doesn’t mean we get to coast now,” says Snyder. “I’m looking forward to all the things we can accomplish with our legislative partners in the next two years to pave Michigan’s path toward our future.”

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