Gov. Rick Snyder Encourages Statewide Recycling with Executive Directive, Initiative Launch


Gov. Rick Snyder today signed an Executive Directive that will require all facilities owned, managed, or leased by the state to provide on-site recycling within one year of the directive’s signing.

Gov. Snyder also announced the launch of Re:Source, an initiative to triple Michigan’s recycling rate. It promotes the use of recycled materials in economic and business opportunities. It is also slated to include the creation of a statewide recycling education campaign, and update Michigan’s solid waste laws.

“As a state, we need to be smarter about how we manage waste in order to protect our environment,” says Snyder. “I’m proud the State of Michigan will lead this effort by making recycling opportunities available at all state government facilities, parks, and rest areas. The Re:Source initiative also will help strengthen Michigan’s foundation for the future by promoting the value of repurposing used materials in a way that boosts economic development opportunities.”

The Michigan Department of Technology, Management, and Budget will provide educational materials to all Michigan departments so they can more easily comply to the directive.

Re:Source will also provide tools to businesses and help them manage their supply and demand for recycled goods. The state created a Recycled Materials Market Directory, which companies can use to find facilities near them that recycle various materials. Companies will also be able to share information on methods that allow them to recycle or reuse through an exchange marketplace set up by Re:Source. Training and networking opportunities will be provided, as well.

“Recycling is an important first step in managing resources wisely to protect Michigan’s air, land, and water,” says Heidi Grether, director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. “This initiative makes a clear statement that protecting Michigan’s environment is good for Michigan’s economy. At just 15 percent, Michigan’s recycling rate is much too low, especially when our neighboring states average 35 percent. Recyclable commodities are present, now it’s a matter of forming the partnerships and resources to access them.”

To access the Recycled Materials Market Directory, click here.

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