GMC Debuts Campaign for Professional-Grade Vehicles


Detroit automaker General Motors Co.’s GMC brand has debuted its “Like a Pro” advertising campaign, illustrating the core values of professional grade vehicles and the emotional connection customers often have with GMC trucks and SUV models.

“Our owners are dedicated individuals, respected by their peers, whose passion and abilities set them apart,” says Rich Latek, GMC’s marketing director. “Their values reflect our ‘Professional Grade’ spirit and we look forward to bringing that emotional connection to life. We’re excited to show how we think our customers live their lives like pros.”

Latek adds that GMC’s vehicles are designed, engineered, and built to the high standard their customers have come to expect.

The new advertisements feature GMC Denali trucks and SUVs, which passed the 1 million vehicle sales threshold earlier this year and represent nearly 30 percent of GMC retail sales. The campaign also introduces the GMC Terrain, which will go on sale later this summer and joins the GMC Acadia in the SUV lineup. GMC Acadia sales have increased more than 50 percent year-over-year to date, as customers indicate a preference for larger vehicles.

The company also plans to release a “Dad Like a Pro” advertisement for Father’s Day to select media, including the final round of a major golf tournament.

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