Global Software Developer Opens North American Offices in Birmingham


Hungarian-based NNG, a global developer of automotive navigation software, opened offices today in Birmingham as part of its strategic expansion plans and to facilitate growth in North America with its partners in the automotive industry.

“The North American market remains a significant opportunity for NNG and will be a critical proving ground for our new technologies,” says Jim Robnett, vice president of business development for NNG and who will lead the Detroit office.

The new offices, at 320 Martin St., will house a dozen employees, including the company’s North American senior executives, as well as the marketing, sales, supply chain management, and engineering support teams.

“Coupled with the exceptional technical talent located in southeast Michigan and the close proximity to our customers and partners, Birmingham (is) an ideal location for NNG’s new North American Automotive offices,” Robnett says.

The company’s navigation software is installed in vehicles from 34 global car brands. NNG has 11 offices around the world, and has plans to expand offices in South America and Central America.