Genomenon Launches Mastermind Genomic Search Engine


Ann Arbor-based Genomenon today announced a complimentary edition of the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine to clinical, research, and academic institutions to advance genomic analysis and DNA data interpretation.

The company is making Mastermind freely available to promote more rapid advances in genome analysis and DNA sequencing interpretation.

Mastermind is a proprietary genomic search engine that directly connects clinicians and researchers to the most impactful scientific literature in their field. Mastermind provides web-based searches on a full platform of medical literature, comprising more than 5.5 million full text genomic articles cataloging the relationships to human diseases, including cancer.

Following a query, the search engine returns a list of prioritized, clinically relevant genomic articles including insight into gene, mutation, and keyword matches for each article.

“Genomic interpretation is the most expensive, time consuming part of using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to analyze a patient’s DNA. It takes highly trained professionals many hours to scour the literature for mutations that aren’t well characterized in their databases,” says Mike Klein, CEO of Genomenon. “Mastermind cuts the time and expense by getting interpretation specialists to the preeminent scientific literature that applies directly to their patient.”

Genome interpretation in most labs relies heavily on sites like Google Scholar and PubMed, a National Institute of Health database of medical literature citations, which limits searches to titles and abstracts.

Though other search engines don’t index entire documents or pull information relevant to genomic interpretation, Mastermind offers an alternative by delivering comprehensive and prioritized relevant search results regarding genomic literature. This helps clinicians and researchers find the most impactful scientific literature faster, allowing them to focus on articles relevant to their patients and research.

Genomenon will continue to offer a professional edition of Mastermind with enhanced data and clinical capabilities, data access tools for workflow automation, and analyzing large sets of genomic data.

More information about Genomenon can be found here.

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