Former Ford Execs Launch Detroit-based Walkboard Technologies, a Moving Service


Walkboard Technologies, a new company in Detroit, is launching the public beta of a consumer moving platform that allows individuals to book customizable moving services.

With a network of transportation providers and thousands of labor contractors making services available through the platform, customers can get immediate quotes and book any combination of transportation, loading, and unloading of property.

Walkboard has been providing dispatch software solutions for moving companies and contract service providers since 2015. The new service is now making those providers available directly to consumers.

“We’ve been growing our network of providers and satisfied enterprise customers for almost two years; meanwhile, consumers have come to us seeking to book those service providers. It was a no-brainer to launch this service and send more business to the pros listed on the platform,” says Greg Maczka, CEO of Walkboard. “It gives consumers a quality, affordable option between DIY and traditional full-service moving.”

Walkboard has locations in Belleville, MI; Los Angeles, CA; and Charlotte, NC, but connects customers to service providers that, in combination, do business in all of the lower 48 states. The company has been testing the new service available to consumers privately for two months and is now launching the beta publicly.

Initially founded and financially backed by Robert Maczka, a former executive in the moving and storage industry, Walkboard is also backed by several angel investors, including former Ford executive and current Chevron executive, Joe Laymon, and former Ford executive and current Board Director of 3M, Thomas Brown.

Laymon served as Ford’s group vice president until he resigned from the company in 2008, while Brown was Ford’s vice president of global purchasing until leaving the company in 2013.

Quotes can be obtained and services booked through