Ford Partners with Auto Companies on Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network


Dearborn-based Ford Motor Co. has signed a memorandum of understanding with BMW Group, Daimler AG, and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche to create a new high-powered charging network in Europe.

With the goal of making recharging an electric vehicle as convenient as refueling at conventional gas stations, as part of the memorandum of understanding, thousands of high powered charging points will be created along highways and major thoroughfares throughout Europe by 2020.

The buildup of the network, which will be available to any vehicle brand, is expected to start next year. An initial target of about 400 sites in Europe is planned.

“A reliable, ultra-fast charging infrastructure is important for mass consumer adoption and has the potential to transform the possibilities for electric driving,” says Mark Fields, president and CEO of Ford. “…This charging network will make it easier and more practical for consumers across Europe to own electrified vehicles.”

The network will be based on Combined Charging System standard technology.

The planned infrastructure will offer charging up to 350 kilowatts, which officials say will allow vehicles engineered to accept the full power of the charge stations to recharge in less time than today’s battery electric vehicles.

With about 203,000 employees and 62 plants worldwide, Ford’s core business includes designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing a full line of Ford cars, trucks and SUVs, as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles. The company is also pursuing opportunities in electrification, autonomy, and mobility.

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