Ford Launches National Parking Feature for FordPass App


Dearborn-based Ford Motor Co. has launched a new feature on its FordPass app that allows users to locate, book, and pay for garage parking in more than 160 cities across the United States.

“Finding and paying for parking is one of the biggest pain points for drivers,” says Elena Ford, vice president of Global Dealer and Consumer Experience at Ford. “This new feature is just one of many ways we are delivering better, smarter, and more efficient mobility solutions for consumers with FordPass.”

By entering a destination into the new FordPass feature, users can view all available supported parking areas nearby, along with viewing parking costs. Consumers can set up their wallet (credit cards) in FordPay, then opt to pay for parking in advance.

Parking availability is updated in real-time, and the app allows users to bookmark their favorite parking spaces for repeat use in the future.

Ford says as the company expands its business model to focus on both auto and mobility, it is using FordPass, which was first introduced at the 2016 North American International Auto Show at Cobo Center in Detroit in January, to reinvent its customer experience offerings.

Available for iOS and Android devices, FordPass also features access to live chat with a company expert and roadside assistance, brand collaborations, and information about new company innovations.

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