Ford Emphasizes Auto Mobility with NY Hub, New Super Bowl Ad


Expanding on its vision for the automotive industry to “go further,” Dearborn-based Ford Motor Co. today launched an interactive brand experience studio called FordHub in New York City. The project, in part, is designed to better connect the automaker with first-time consumers.

Located in the Westfield World Trade Center, FordHub is part of Ford’s plan to create new ways to engage customers, especially among potential buyers and lessees. FordHub is an interactive space designed to show the public how Ford’s expansion to an auto and mobility company is helping change the way the world moves.

“Ford was founded on the promise of providing affordable transportation solutions to millions of customers, and this commitment still drives us today,” says Stephen Odell, Ford’s executive vice president of global marketing, sales, and service. “As we expand our business to be both an auto and mobility company, we’re using new experiences like FordHub and our first Super Bowl ad that talks about the future to explain what we mean when we say, ‘We Go Further so you can.’”

Ford also has plans to eventually bring FordHub to San Francisco, though a timeline hasn’t been released. The company is researching other potential cities, as well.

IN RELATED NEWS, with the Super Bowl and its highly-anticipated commercials airing on Sunday, Ford today released a 90-second TV ad highlighting near and long-term mobility solutions the company is developing. The ad, which can be viewed on YouTube, showcases moments where people have become “stuck” during their day-to-day travels, followed by Ford’s solutions, including self-driving vehicles and ride-sharing.

Digital extensions of the commercial also feature in-depth stories form Ford employees, dealers, and partners who create the vehicles, technologies, and mobility solutions Ford is working on.

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