Ford Converts Part of Fairlane Town Center Mall into Workspace


Though Fairlane Town Center Mall in Dearborn at one time housed more than 220 retailers and major department stores, the retail hub’s biggest tenant is now Ford Motor Co.

The automaker recently converted nearly a quarter million square feet of unused mall space, formerly occupied by 26 retailers, into its new Town Center Office. The new workspace offers room for 1,800 Ford engineering and purchasing employees.

The move is part of Ford’s 10-year Dearborn campus transformation, which will entail the moving 30,000 employees from 70 buildings into primarily two campus locations.

“As we began the 10-year process of constructing new technology labs and offices, we needed an innovative solution to situate larger teams close to our operations,” says Dave Dubensky, chairman and CEO of Ford Land. “The proximity and design of Fairlane Mall, along with its on-site amenities, support our transformation in offering multiple conveniences for our employees. It is a win-win for us and the community.”

The new office space is designed to promote increased team collaboration and to keep employees physically energized, mentally stimulated, engaged, and refreshed. The new location offers lounge space, cafes, wellness rooms, walk-up stations, and treadmill desks.

The materials used to construct the offices include an accent wall made of reclaimed wood, carpet made from recycled content, and zero volatile organic compound paint.

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