Fitness Things Merges with All-Pro Exercise to Sell Brunswick Corporation’s Fitness Division


Plymouth Township-based Fitness Things, a family-owned and operated home and commercial fitness center equipment consulting company, today announced its merger with All-Pro Exercise Inc., a Plymouth Township-based commercial fitness outfitter. The merged companies will be a provider of the Brunswick Corp.’s fitness division, including Life Fitness, Cybex, Sci Fit, InMovement, and Indoor Cycling Group in Michigan and across the U.S.

Fitness Things, founded in 1984, and All-Pro Exercise, founded in 1989, are two of the oldest fitness equipment suppliers in the nation. All-Pro Exercise and Fitness Things each provided fitness products and services and space planning to community centers, country clubs, multi-family housing, corporate fitness centers, medical and rehabilitation centers, and Michigan universities and workplaces. Fitness Things also provided equipment support and retail sales of new or refurbished equipment.

“We are thrilled to combine these companies to maximize our service offerings as providers of commercial, retail, and refurbished fitness equipment and supplies,” says Kristen Tassielli, Fitness Things/All-Pro Exercise owner. “Fitness Things and All-Pro Exercise always existed as friendly competition, and this merger allows us to be more efficient with our service and delivery to our customers to keep them active and healthy all year long.”

All-Pro Exercise and Fitness Things have secured a deal with the Brunswick Corp., which designates the joint venture as an exclusive provider of the entire fitness division. The agreement will allow All-Pro Exercise and Fitness Things to bring fitness to a variety of facilities, from recreational spaces to corporate offices. In addition to traditional fitness equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, and other machines, the offerings will also include ergonomic work spaces, tread-desks, and tread-bikes.

“Our new relationship with the Brunswick Corp. and Life Fitness significantly expands our available offerings,” adds Tassielli. “We are proud to be part of an elite few platinum dealers for the Brunswick Fitness Family. This joint venture allows us to provide the entire spectrum for our clients at very competitive pricing. We have in-house everything, from the design to the sale of equipment, and from the installation and setup to maintenance and replacement. We take a lot of pride in getting people active in any aspect of life.”

All-Pro Exercise and Fitness Things will share contracts and manufacturer relationships in a shared delivery and installation process. The two companies have a combined revenue of $10 million.