FEV in Auburn Hills Will Shuttle Attendees in Autonomous Vehicles at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show


FEV, an Auburn Hills-based powertrain and vehicle engineering company, will introduce several smart vehicle technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month (Jan. 9-12), including the FEV Smart Vehicle Demonstrator.

During the show, the Smart Vehicle Demonstrator will shuttle customers to and from the Bellagio Hotel and the Las Vegas Convention Center while an FEV representative explains and demonstrates the autonomous operations and technologies. The demonstrator vehicle includes integrated technologies that FEV has been developing independently, including sensors and interfaces, radar, GPS, multiple cameras, and LIDAR.

Additionally, driving commands and vehicle-environment communications will be managed through FEV algorithms and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connections. The vehicles will include two embedded pieces of controller hardware, allowing the control algorithms to be tested.

With cyber security being a primary focus for autonomous vehicles, FEV has linked it’s Cyber Security Gateway (CSG) to the communications, allowing it to detect and prevent attacks and act as a firewall between external interfaces.

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