Faurecia to Equip 20,000 Seoul City Buses With Emission-reduction Technology


Auburn Hills-based automotive equipment supplier Faurecia has announced a contract to retrofit 20,000 buses and commercial trucks in Seoul, South Korea with its Amminex technology.

Amminex, a Danish technology company Faurecia acquired in 2016, is the only company that supplies the Ammonia Storage and Delivery System (ASDS), a new solution for nitrogen oxide that reduces emissions by up to 99 percent. It has been tested in real driving conditions for more than 30 million kilometers and has saved 360 tons of nitrogen oxide.

As part of the Seoul Metropolitan Air Pollution Management Project, Faurecia will provide its DeNOx solution through a supply agreement with two partners, ILJIN and CleanEarth, which have both contracted with the Ministry of Environment in South Korea.

“Faurecia’s ambition is to provide full clean mobility solutions to cities around the world,” says Patrick Koller, CEO of Faurecia. “This is an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate the superior Amminex technology for removing nitrogen oxide emissions from commercial vehicles. This rollout will be the largest demonstration of this technology following on from several European cities that are in the process of retrofitting their bus fleets.”

ASDS replaces diesel exhaust fluid with a lighter, high-efficiency system which works particularly well at low engine temperatures. It is well adapted to slow, urban driving conditions and for city vehicles including buses and commercial delivery vehicles.

Additionally, Amminex offers a real-time monitoring of the emissions of each vehicle equipped, providing cities with data to manage their fleet and the recharging of cartridges. To support this project, Faurecia will also set up a cartridge re-filling station in South Korea and a distribution network.

Faurecia was founded in 1997 and currently operates 330 sites including 30 research and development centers in 34 countries worldwide.

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