Faurecia Presents Behavioral Research on Autonomous Vehicles at LA Auto Show


Faurecia, a global automotive supplier with offices in Auburn Hills, will share research on behavioral changes that it believes will impact occupants of autonomous vehicles at the Connected Car Expo during the Los Angeles Auto Show.

“As the automotive industry continues its march toward autonomous vehicles, most of its efforts have been focused on creating the technology that will enable auto-pilot functionality,” says Rob Huber, vice president of innovation for Faurecia. “While this is an essential foundation, Faurecia is prioritizing a parallel development track focused on how we enhance the mobility experience by improving life-on-board, making comfort, customization, and connectivity a priority.”

Huber says Faurecia officials will discuss potential technology approaches to the interior systems of an autonomous vehicle and will demonstrate its seating system that was developed to improve the comfort and well-being of drivers and passengers.

He says research data shows situation awareness helps drivers of autonomous vehicles feel confidence and trust in the system. Keeping the driver alert and ready for a transfer of control is also a critical issue that was identified.

Huber says research has also shown people expect to read or use handheld devices in an autonomous vehicle, which can contribute to motion sickness. He says Faurecia is now developing innovations to mitigate or avoid the onset of these symptoms.

These considerations will take an increasingly important role in the future development of autonomous transportation, with more attention placed on what’s happening inside the vehicle, Huber says.