Farmington Hills-based S2 Equipment Creates Solar Briefcase and PowerPack for Remote Energy Applications


S2 Equipment in Farmington Hills, which operates The Invention Shop, today announced the debut of the Hans PowerPack and the Solar BriefCase 60, which can charge mobile devices during a power outage or provide electrical power during a trip off the grid, at a tailgate party, or at other events.

The BriefCase 60 is a 60-watt portable solar charging system designed for rapid recharging of the PowerPacks. The BriefCase 60 has built-in legs to help position it for optimal angles to the sun and to minimize charge time.

The case can charge a PowerPack 150 in 3.5 hours to 5 hours, while the PowerPack 300 can be charged in 7 hours to 10 hours.  In turn, the legs of the BriefCase 60 do double-duty as tie-down anchors to secure it on windy days.

Ideal for unexpected power outages and emergency situations, the HANS PowerPack is also suitable for camping, tailgating, and other activities that require long-lasting portable power.

“All Hans products are made to be dependable when our customers need it most,” says Todd Breneiser, S2 Equipment’s operations executive. “They’re designed to be easy to use while giving you maximum functionality, so you never have to spend another night without power and in the dark.”

The device comes with built in LED flood and spot lights, in integral USB port, and a 12-volt dual port USA expander for powering small electronics like tablets and fans. All HANS PowerPacks use lithium-ion batteries, meaning a high energy density for 1,000+ recharge cycles. When power isn’t available, the Hans PowerPack can be charged with its own built-in solar panel.

Hans products are designed and engineered for durability, and are covered with marine grade rubber on high-contact surface areas to protect the ports, lights, and solar panels. More information can be found here.

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