Exlterra in Hazel Park Launches Subsoil Nutrient Enrichment System to Enhance Tree and Vineyard Growth


Exlterra, a sustainable environmental technology company in Hazel Park, today launched NEPS — Nutrient Enrichment Passive System, a simple subsoil product that enhances the growth, vitality, and yield of trees and vineyards in a sustainable way.

NEPS is a series of polyethylene extrusions that are installed underground around a tree, regardless of the type of soil, climate, or elevation. Four 7.5-foot-long extrusions are set around each tree, though two NEPS can be used in areas where trees are set closer together.

The system allows access to nutrients that are present deep in the soil but are inaccessible to trees roots. As a result, a tree with NEPS grows stronger, healthier, and generates better yield in both quality and quantity, the company states.

Utilizing Exlterra’s light and agile HAZL drill rig — which will make its debut at Geofluid Piacenza, a bi-annual international trade show to be held Oct. 3-6 in Piacenza, Italy (southeast of Milan) — NEPS can be installed in small areas where land space is at a premium. Installation is completed quickly (roughly 15 minutes per tree using a HAZL rig), with little surface disruption and no mess.

The system is a unique tool for urban foresters, landscapers, and commercial/residential tree owners. Users will see increased survival rates on newly planted trees, a thicker and denser canopy, and better air quality, the company states. Fruit growers will gain the same benefits in addition to an increase in yield and a better tasting, nutrient dense fruit.

“I always wanted to develop something to help trees grow bigger and healthier. NEPS is my answer, and the implications of this technology are huge,” says Andrew Niemczyk, the creator of NEPS and founder of Exlterra. “This is big, and I’m excited to introduce another positive tool for the environment.”

The NEPS technology has been demonstrated in several pilot sites in the United States and Switzerland, yielding strong results, Niemczyk says. Following installation, NEPS was shown to increase the vitality and canopy density of struggling urban trees. In turn, the system led to stronger growth in both orchard trees and in a selective vineyard plot.

“The launch of NEPS is another important milestone for Exlterra to fulfill its long-term vision,” says Frank Muller, CEO of Exlterra. “NEPS is another demonstration of Exlterra’s unique know how in environmental science. It will generate worldwide attention thanks to its truly innovative and sustainable qualities.”

In addition to NEPS and HAZL, Exlterra developed an energy-passive groundwater recharge product in 2010.

For information on pricing and other inquiries, visit Exlterra.com or contact Frank Muller at frank.muller@exlterra.com or (248) 268-2336

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