Electrick Beach Spas Offers 3-D Body Scan Technology for Precise Measurements


Electrik Beach Spas, with multiple locations across southeast Michigan, has introduced 3-D scanning technology to capture and analyze the dimensions of the human body for more accurate measurements.

“The MyBodee system lets (people) really track their results, put their efforts where they’re needed, and get immediate feedback on what’s working and what doesn’t,” says Adrianne Asmar, CEO of Electrik Beach. “This makes sure that their efforts count.”

The MyBodee system uses a Microsoft-powered 3-D camera in tandem with rendering software and cloud computing technology to report the dimensions of any body part. The system uses a touchless measurement process to complete a full body scan — which measures the waist, thighs, hips, and arms — in about 30 seconds. Officials with MyBodee say the system has a 70 percent accuracy improvement over measurements taken by professionals.

Asmar says 3-D body scanning is a popular service in Europe, as well as on the East and West coats. She says Electrik Beach Spas’ MyBodee systems marks the technology’s first presence in the Midwest.

Elecrik Beach Spas has locations in Wyandotte, Lincoln Park, Woodhaven, Southgate, and two in Monroe.