DTE Energy Customers to Save Collective $649M Over Lifetime Through Energy Efficiency Programs


DTE Energy in Detroit today released its 2017 Energy Waste Reduction Annual Report, which estimates its 5 million customers who participated in the utility’s energy efficiency programs in 2017 cumulatively will save nearly $649 million on their energy bills over a lifetime. The average participant saves about $75 to $200 per year on average.

“We provide more than 20 programs and wide-spread education and awareness efforts to help our residential and business customers on their energy-efficiency journey,” says John Boladian, director of energy waste reduction at DTE Energy.

Chris Kashat, manager of Keg and Wine Party Store in Redford Township, who participated in one of the programs, says he has seen considerable savings. “We’re paying $300-$400 a month less for electricity,” he says.

Boladain says DTE offers free home and business energy consultations, lighting discounts at local retailers, rebates on high-efficiency equipment, discounts on Energy Star appliances, and the free DTE Insight app, which allows customers to monitor their real-time energy use from their smartphones.

DTE’s says it has completed more than 38,000 home energy consultations, outfitting 14,600 apartment units with energy efficiency products, recycling 27,000 appliances through its appliance recycling program, delivering 31,000 free energy-efficiency kits to homeowners, educating more than 47,000 students and 1,127 teachers who participated in the Think! Energy Schools program on energy efficiency.

In addition it has supported low-income customers with 160,000 Energy Star LED light bulbs and more than 3,000 Energy Star certified refrigerators, and completing 1,650 business energy consultations.

The full report can be found here.