Downtown Detroit Partnership Releases Results of Perceptions Survey


The Downtown Detroit Partnership (DPP), along with the Downtown Business Improvement Zone (BIZ), has announced the results of its annual Perceptions Survey, which asked Michigan residents to share their perceptions of the greater downtown area. The survey had nearly 4,000 respondents, covering eight counties in the region.

Topics addressed in the survey included overall impression of downtown Detroit, safety, security, lighting and cleanliness, parking, walking and biking, and public transportation. Nearly 92 percent of those surveyed indicate downtown Detroit offers exciting events and activities, and nearly 88 percent believe downtown is a safe neighborhood.

Additionally, 32 percent of respondents say they felt “safe and comfortable” riding a bike in downtown Detroit, and 15 percent say it’s easy to find information on how to take the bus. To remedy the issue, the DPP Is taking steps to install new protected bike lanes in partnership with the Michigan Department of Transportation and the city of Detroit, and recently launched the city’s first public bike-share program, MoGo.

“The Downtown Detroit Partnership continues to lead in meaningful data collection efforts, like the Perceptions Survey, which helps guide us in the development of actionable insights,” says Eric Larson, CEO of the DPP. “This year’s results continue to show that the overall perception of the downtown story (is improving), and we’re pleased our efforts are building on the positive sentiment over last year’s results, showing clear and steady progress.”

A full version of the report can be found here.