Dow in Midland Partners with California’s Scooper Cat to Produce Ammonia-Blocking Litter


California’s Scooper Cat has launched litter featuring PRIVENTZ Ammonia Prevention Technology, a product of Midland’s The Dow Chemical Co. The litter is designed to minimize ammonia exposure to cats.

The litter helps to block the formation of ammonia by preventing conditions necessary to create the chemical. Most litters mask or neutralize ammonia once it is formed. Ammonia can lead to health issues in animals and creates an unpleasant smell. In studies of cat litter with PRIVENTZ technology, there was no ammonia generation for more than 10 days. Dow’s patent pending product is not hazardous to pets or humans.

“Dow developed PRIVENTZ technology with the health and safety of pets in mind,” days Kim Surber, animal care market manager for Dow. “Through chemistry, we’re able to support the prevention of harmful and unpleasant ammonia odors before they occur and help encourage pet health and keep homes smelling fresh.”

The litter is made in the Unites States of sodium bentonite clay and Dow’s product.

“From day one, we set out to measure our success by the value we delivered to consumers and the problems our litter solves for cat lovers everywhere,” says Richard Rockhill, COO for Scooper Cat. “We believe safe science technologies can improve the quality of life for pets, which is why we feature Dow’s PRIVENTZ technology in Scooper Cat litter.”

Scooper Cat litter is available at Kroger stores nationwide and on Amazon.

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