Dow Develops Resin Material to Improve Flexibility for Plastic Pipes


At this week’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Midland-based Dow announced the launch of a new material that enhances the flexibility of plastic pipes.

“Turning joints have always been a challenge when installing copper, steel, and rigid plastic pipe,” says Oray Talu, market manager for Dow pipe and irrigation products. “Pipes made with Hypertherm 2399 Resin eliminates the need for breaks at joints, thus reducing the likelihood of leaks and contributing to greater peace of mind.”

The resin is the first product to meet U.S. building codes and product standards for plumbing while also achieving a chlorine-resistance certification, giving contractors and homebuilders the flexibility to install continuous loop, on-demand recirculation, and traditional plumbing systems.

“It’s a winning combination for contractors and homebuilders: a flexible piping solution that is leak-free, easy to install, and delivers hot water using less energy,” Talu says.  

IN OTHER DOW NEWS, the Midland-based company announced Tuesday that it is partnering with the American Association of Chemistry Teachers to improve chemistry instruction throughout North America.

Dow and the association will work together to convene a series of teacher summits and create more than 750 lesson plans, multimedia resources, demonstrations, and other high-quality chemistry teaching materials for use in K–12 classrooms.

The company will also donate $1 million toward the effort, to be used over a four-year period.

“This new partnership comes at a critical time,” says Adam Boyd, program director for the association. “Enrollment in high school chemistry classes is on the rise. Yet, only 35 percent of high school chemistry teachers have both a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and are actually certified to teach it.”