Dow Creates Acoustic Foam Hoodliner Material to Enhance Automotive Performance


Auburn Hills-based Dow Automotive Systems, a division of Dow Chemical Co. in Midland, today announced the creation of Specflex, a new polyurethane system customized to meet under-the-hood performance requirements while balancing weight and processing targets. The product will be sold to automotive OEMs, and not directly to consumers.

In addition to offering sound absorption, barrier, and damping qualities for hoodliners, Specflex provides customized flammability and -curing systems to enable increased productivity. The material can be designed for large, complex shapes.

“Specflex hoodliners enable customers to address global requirements for road traffic noise reduction,“ says Esther Quintanilla, EMEA marketing manager for Dow Automotive Systems. “This lightweight polyurethane foam provides better acoustics control and weight advantages while also delivering a high level of thermoforming and stiffness. Specflex can also be used for air intakes, engine side dashboards, transmission tunnel insulators, and water boxes.”

The new Specflex solutions are available with low density to pass requirements such as MVSS 302 and increased flammability to pass PV 3357. The foams meet physical, acoustical, and processing requirements with minimal waste.

Dow Automotive Systems is a global solutions provider for OEMs, tier suppliers, aftermarket customers, and commercial transportation. More information can be found here.