Dow Automotive Develops New Adhesive for Lightweight Vehicle Construction


A new composite bonding adhesive developed by Auburn Hills-based Dow Automotive Systems is now being used in the Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Huracan, among other vehicles, to support lightweight construction, which leads to better fuel economy.

“Betaforce composite bonding adhesives enable the joining of lightweight materials, which helps automotive manufacturers achieve many different goals, including better fuel economy and lower carbon dioxide emissions,” says Ana Wagner, global marketing manager for Dow Automotive Systems.

Wagner says Dow’s Betaforce composite bonding adhesive is designed for multi-material vehicles. Audi and its sister brand Lamborghini are using carbon fiber and bonding of structural parts including pillars and tunnels with coated aluminum to reduce vehicle weight. The Lamborghini Huracan’s frame consists of both hybrid aluminum and carbon fiber.

“Betaforce also helps with load-bearing capability and increased static and dynamic stiffness, which results in a vehicle that offers better safety, a quieter ride, improved handling, and a longer life span,” Wagner says. “It’s typically applied to pillars, tunnels, tailgates, trunk lids, roofs, and compartments, and even entire body modules as on the BMW i3.”

She says the structural adhesives also provide processing benefits such as pre-treatment-free joining of carbon fiber and balanced mechanical properties regarding optimal stiffness and driving properties.

Dow Automotive Systems, a division of Midland-based Dow Chemical Co., is a provider of advanced materials for OEMs, tier suppliers, aftermarket customers, and commercial transportation manufacturers.

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