Douglas Marketing Group Releases New Campaign Software


Douglas Marketing Group, a Detroit-based international marketing and communications firm, has released its Big Picture Landscape software, which serves as a marketing brand management and visual roadmap tool for nonprofit organizations.

The software allows users to access licensed campaign materials and graphics. Editing options are built into the software so each organization can personalize campaign material with its own name and images without changing the overall design.

Company officials say the software is expected to change the way non-profits approach cause marketing and fund development, and that it’s resonating among health care clients with small budgets.

“Through the software and the licensing arrangement, we are able to resell a fully developed, highly successful campaign to other health organizations anywhere in North America for a fraction of the cost they would pay for the design and implementation of a new campaign,” says Kay Douglas, president and founder of Douglas Marketing Group.

The firm is in talks now with an internationally recognized health care organization to purchase one of its 2016 public service campaigns through the software and share it globally.

“The ability to purchase software for a turnkey marketing campaign launch that has already proven successful is transformative, not only for fund development and cause marketing but for the agency world,” Douglas says. “(Douglas Marketing Group) already has business relationships on both sides of the border, but with this software, we can expand our global reach.”

Douglas Marketing Group is a full-service marketing and communications firm. The company has offices in Detroit, and Windsor, Amherstburg, and Welland, Ontario.

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