Domino’s Pizza Launches Apple Watch App that Tracks Orders


Ann Arbor-based Domino’s Pizza Inc. has launched a new app for the Apple Watch that allows customers to track their order.

“Partnering with the world’s leading technology innovator to give Domino’s customers yet another way to track their order is one more way we hope to make customers’ experiences even better and more convenient,” says Dennis Maloney, vice president and chief digital officer of Domino’s Pizza.

Maloney says the app allows customers to track their delivery from the time it’s taken, to when the order is placed in the oven, to when it’s ready for carry out or delivery. Apple users will be able to swipe up on their watch face to access the Domino’s Glance, which features a status update of an order.

A similar app is also available on the Pebble smart watch.

Last year, the pizza company launched an iPad app that allows customers to create — and see a 3-D representation of — their order using an interactive pizza builder.