Detroit’s S3 Launches Temporary Staffing Certification Program in Michigan


An accreditation program for professionals who manage temporary staffing will be available in Detroit for the first time in May — and Detroit-based Strategic Staffing Solutions was one of five companies to help Staffing Industry Analysts, the global adviser on contingent work, develop the course content.

“The value (of the certification) is enormous,” says April Donaldson, executive vice president of Strategic Staffing Solutions. “What this program gives you is best practices and the standardized terminology used in the industry. It’s going to evolve the industry.”

Donaldson says temporary workforce managers often have a background in human resources or procurement, and the Contingent Workforce Professional program — which involves a two-day course and a certification exam — combines the two. Subjects covered include strategies for identifying risk in a company’s contingent workforce program, key components in contracts, and how to manage a staffing partner’s performance.

With the temporary workforce continuing to flourish — the staffing industry generated approximately $117 billion in sales in 2012, says the American Staffing Association — developing a standard for the industry is key, Donaldson says. “Because (contingent workers) are actually employees of other companies, you manage that workforce differently. There’s a lot of legal regulation components, which is a significant part of this program,” she says.

The Certified Contingent Workforce Professional program will be held May 1-2 at the Detroit Athletic Club. During the program, participants will be led through a series of lectures, training exercises, quizzes, and scenarios in preparation for the exam.

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