Detroit's QStride Launches IT Platform MicroStrategy


QStride, a provider of business intelligence, analytics, and information technology consulting services, has launched an IT platform called MicroStrategy, and will support it with 10 new business intelligence professionals at its headquarters in downtown Detroit.

"As we continue to grow our operation, it is important that we bring and retain top technology talent in the heart of downtown Detroit," says Shane Gianino, CEO of QStride. "Furthermore, this ensures jobs stay in the United States rather than going overseas, which is all too common."

Gianino says the 10 employees will specialize in MicroStrategy, a platform that analyzes internal and external data to make business decisions and develop mobile apps.

"We're training specialized workers who will be able to extract value from big data to create intuitive and seamlessly designed web and mobile business intelligence applications," Gianino says.

The announcement comes as QStride looks to expand by hiring 30 additional employees. Openings include positions such as a server administrator, network architect, talent recruiter, and business integration manager, among others.

QStride, founded in 2012, relocated its headquarters from Troy to One Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit earlier this month. The company provides technology solutions for both mid-market and Fortune 500 companies. ​

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