Detroit’s Louis Buhl & Co. Launches Online Gallery


Louis Buhl & Co., a Detroit-based contemporary art gallery and project space, launched its online gallery today. The physical gallery will open in the coming months in Detroit. It will feature emerging and mid-career artists with a multidisciplinary focus on medium and scale. Louis Buhl & Co. aims to explore collaborative projects with artists representing diverse points of view in order to revitalize the space as a gallery and community meeting place.

The core mission of Anthony Curis and Jordan Nickel, partners in Louis Buhl & Co., is to give artists the resources to explore new creative projects in order to democratize art collecting and enhance the experience of viewing art in Detroit. Curis and his wife, JJ Curis, are partners of the Library Street Collective in downtown Detroit.

“Louis Buhl & Co. was created as a platform for continued exploration and experimental exhibition programming that provides a resource for artists looking to push the boundaries of their traditional studio practice,” says Curis. “We see this space as both complementary of and distinctly different from its associated gallery, Library Street Collective.”

Nickel, a visual artist known for his inventive use of everyday objects, uses the studio to create a variety of paintings, objects, and sculptures, but is most praised for his prints and multiples.

“As an artist, I am incredibly proud to be part of a business whose focus is as direct as enabling an artist’s progression while extending the abilities of collectors,” says Nickel. “I see Louis Buhl & Co. as an opportunity to systematically ease the burden on artists and enable them to focus on the continued progression of their work.”

Several projects are currently underway, including the works of Karl Wirsum, Richard Colman, Jason Revok, and Beverly Fishman. Louis Buhl & Co.’s opening project will be an edition with Detroit native AJ Fosik, titled Shadow Projection Release. Drawing inspiration from Fosik’s sculptural work, the prints of the edition explore the idea of beauty in the ephemeral.

Louis Buhl & Co.’s online gallery can be viewed here.