Detroit’s LevelEleven Creates Performance Tracker to Improve Sales Output


Detroit-based LevelEleven has launched a new product that allows managers to track the key activities of salespeople, providing personalized analytics, historical trends, and peer comparisons to boost performance.

“It solves the everyday problem of productivity waste that plagues modern sales organizations by providing actionable insights and visibility around sales performance for both sales managers and sales reps,” says Bob Marsh, CEO and founder of LevelEleven, comparing the new program, called Scorecard, to Fitbit’s suite of programs that monitor a person’s health based on activity, exercise, and sleep.

Running on the customer relationship management platform, Scorecard allows managers to define the behaviors they want their salespeople focused on and indicate a suggested goal. Based on those factors, the LevelEleven platform provides performance metrics, historical analytics, and live leaderboards on computer screens and televisions around the office.

While customer relationship management systems provide reports on customer interactions across sales, marketing, and support, the data they generate is often presented in an impersonal, indigestible way, Marsh says. In comparison, Scorecard proactively tells an executive team when sales performance is out of line and what they can do about it.

“We’re tapping into those reflective moments when salespeople are wondering what they can be doing to improve, while allowing executives to get their team aligned and executing on their strategic plan,” Marsh says.

He cites a report from Boulder, Colo.-based CSO Insights, which found that salespeople only spend 37 percent of their time selling. “As we’ve proven, the ability to make even small adjustments in how they focus their efforts has a profound and immediate sales impact,” Marsh says.

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