Detroit’s Guardhat Adds Partners to Bring More Wearable Technology to Market


Guardhat, a Detroit-based Internet of Things (IoT) company that makes industrial safety technology, Monday announced a new round of partners that will further expand the commercialization of its wearable technologies.

The company specializes in developing wearables such as hardhats and safety vests, infrastructure, and software platforms designed to provide a safer and more productive work environment. Providers include DuPont Sustainable Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Qualcomm Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc.

“We set out with the mission to save lives,” says Saikat Dey, Guardhat co-founder and CEO of Guardhat. “Our newest solution providers provide us the necessary access to global ecosystem solutions to continue that mission as we improve our technology and apply a robust and scalable enterprise solution to both the operational and discrete manufacturing industries.”

DuPont Sustainable Solutions will collaborate with Guardhat to integrate IoT and wearable solutions into DuPont’s work with clients around the world. The DuPont data analytics team will provide industry and domain expertise-based insight by leveraging the capabilities of Kyra, Guardhat’s data platform.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is Guardhat’s computer, storage, networking, and global services partner. It will provide infrastructure support for the Guardhat platform.

Qualcomm Technologies will provide system-on-chip solutions and platforms featuring edge processing capabilities at low power, cellular connectivity, integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GNSS, hardware-based security, multimedia, and sensor processing capabilities.

Guardhat modernizes workforce safety equipment such as the hard hat by adding an IoT component. The Guardhat system monitors user location, pulse, body temperature, and environment and provides real-time alerts to users and supervisors in the event of a fall, exposure to toxic gases, lockout zones, and proximity to moving equipment.

“We combine our advanced internet-related technology with dependable safety equipment to create a 3-D space and holistic view of every user’s work environment,” says Anupam Sengupta, co-founder and chief technology officer at Guardhat. “This allows us to actively predict and prevent workplace accidents, which ultimately provides a better way to protect people.”

Guardhat estimates there are 13 million industrial workers in the U.S. Of these, about 4,000 die as a result of work-related incidents annually, and 3 million injuries are counted each year. Guardhat estimates it can reduce workplace injuries by 20 percent, saving organizations $30-$50 billion per year in worker safety-related costs.

In September, Guardhat secured $20 million in Series A funding to scale its engineering team and accelerate sales and marketing functions. The company moved its executive management and software development team to Detroit in August.

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