Detroit's DuMouchelles to Auction Rare Electric Guitars; Presidential Signatures


DuMouchelles Fine Art Appraisers and Auctioneers in Detroit will auction off an electric Fender guitar collection, along with a Chet Atkins-autographed electric guitar and a Bo Diddley-autographed guitar next week.

The fine electric guitar collection is from the estate of Roy Haasis, of Beverly Hills, Mich. From the same estate is a presidential signature collection that includes a rare signed document by President William Henry Harrison, worth an estimated $40,000-$50,000.

“(Haasis) kept a lot of detailed information and he only wanted signatures of presidents while they were in office,” says Joan DuMouchelle-Walker, co-owner of DuMouchelles. “That is why the signature of William Henry Harrison is estimated so high. He was president for 32 days. He gave a speech for his inauguration, became sick, and never recovered so he was sick most of the time and there was never an occasion to sign documents.”

DuMouchelle-Walker says the collection also includes signatures from George Washington to Lyndon B. Johnson. She says a Packard Motor Car Co. leather and wood trunk set from 1935 will also be auctioned Dec. 11, along with other items.

Also being auctioned off the weekend of Dec. 11-13 includes bronze sculptures by Marshall Fredericks, Gustave-Louis Nast, Robert Wyland, and Jerry Joslin and John Connell. DuMouchelle-Walker says the Fredericks sculpture is “of monumental size” at four feet wide and 44 inches tall. She says there’s an identical sculpture at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak. 

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