Detroit’s Avalon International Breads Adds Online Mail Order Site


Avalon International Breads has launched its online mail order site, offering a curated selection of the Midtown bakery’s best-selling products in addition to other Detroit-made artisan foods.

“There are Detroiters everywhere, so we’re excited that Detroit lovers and Avalon lovers are going to be get our baked goods and other cool stuff,” says Jackie Victor, Avalon’s co-founder. “We’ll be introducing new items as the year goes on as well.”

Avalon’s Hearth to Home Mail Order offers a range of products including, cookies, the bakery’s “A Beautiful Detroit” T-shirt, gift baskets, and other local products such as preserves from Beau Bien Fine Foods and Green Toes Honey. Gift boxes are available and range from $40 to $75.

And, like the Midtown bakery and select wholesalers, the website will sell the brand’s popular Stollen bread — packed with brandy-soaked dried cranberries, cherries, apricots, currants, raisins, pineapple, and nuts — for a limited time. Victor says Avalon prepares and sells the seasonal bread around six weeks each year.

“It’s a light, sort of cakey bread that has a nice amount of nutmeg in it — our joke about it is, ‘Just don’t call it fruit cake,’” Victor says.

Also new for the company is a recent partnership with Busch’s Fresh Food Market, with the company gaining distribution in three of the retailer’s 15 stores throughout southeastern Michigan.

According to Victor, the partnership is a natural progression following the opening of Avalon’s 50,000-square-foot production facility at East Forest and Bellevue on Detroit’s east side in early 2013.

“I think the first year of any big change or transition is really about learning the ropes, so now we’re really in expansion mode,” Victor says. “We’re ready to provide our products to bigger distribution channels and to more customers. The demand (for our products) is there.”

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