Detroit’s AutoHarvest Expands Global Tech Offerings

973 — an online portal where advanced manufacturing professionals connect with their peers to explore technology and business development — has added its first major, non-U.S.-based federal lab to its network.

Based in Saclay, France, the CEA LIST Institute will use AutoHarvest’s online platform to expand its footprint in the United States. The organization has already started to populate the AutoHarvest e-collaboration marketplace with postings describing licensable technologies in areas such as robotics and advanced manufacturing; software tools; and data mining and analytics, says Jayson D. Pankin, president and CEO of AutoHarvest.

“In addition to the intrinsic value of being one of the finest federal laboratories in the world that’s tackling some of the more serious problems, (the CEA LIST Institute) is a tremendous partner that could be better utilized by American and Asian partners,” Pankin says. “It’s our hope that more American enterprises, small and large, will find a partner in CEA LIST and in France.”

The institute will highlight its research capabilities and available resources for collaboration via the AutoHarvest website, Pankin adds.

Pankin says the addition of the French institution will help position AutoHarvest as a trusted resource. “We’re a global network that emanates from Detroit. And when people see other countries and their federal institutions and large organizations join AutoHarvest, they see (our platform) is truly a neutral global meeting place,” he says.

Launched in 2012, AutoHarvest has partnering agreements with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, U.S. Defense Department, and Homeland Security. Part of the Detroit Regional Innovation Network, the nonprofit organization has a presence at Detroit’s TechTown north of Wayne State University and the University of Michigan’s North Campus Research Complex.