Detroit Symposium Focuses on Connected, Autonomous Vehicle Advances


The automotive industry is in the midst of a technological evolution — taking the connected and autonomous vehicle from concept to reality.      

However, along with innovation comes a lot of unchartered territory. The Butzel Long Connected Car Symposium will navigate some of that territory by presenting expert insight on topics including intellectual property, deal making, contractual issues, regulatory and legislative developments, hacking and tracking, data ownership and privacy issues.

The program, in partnership with the Original Equipment Suppliers Association and DBusiness magazine will take place from 7:30 a.m. to noon Feb. 18  at the Madison Building, located at 1555 Broadway St. in Detroit. The cost is $75, which includes breakfast and lunch.

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“Enormous research and development investments in autonomous vehicles have been made by Detroit OEMs,” said W. Patrick Dreisig, board member and vice president, Butzel Long. “This is an exciting time for Detroit and the automotive industry.”

Program topics include:

  • Legislative and Regulatory Update: “It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile…Welcome to Connectivity.”
  • Corporate Topic: “Wheeling and Dealing with the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle.”
  • Managing your IP in the Connected Vehicle: “Smart Cars need Smart Protection: Managing your IP in the Connected Vehicle.”
  • Cyber/Communications Panel: “Hacking and Tracking: Data Ownership, Security and Privacy in the Autonomous Vehicle.”

Several Butzel Long attorneys will be featured presenters including Justin Klimko, Bill Panagos, Claudia Rast, Jennifer Dukarski, and Stephen Goodman. Other speakers include Brian Daugherty, fo the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association, Greg Krueger (HNTB), and Al Wagner of Mercedes Benz Tech.

The program is designed for anyone in the connected car world including: automotive executives, automotive supplier executives, engineering teams, in house legal teams,  compliance officers, insurance professionals, IT professionals and risk managers. 

Register online at For inquiries, contact Jonathan Spencer at 313-983-6995 or email at

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