Detroit Startup Equips Consumers with Digital Car Lease Calculator


Detroit startup Lease Riot has launched a new way to create, customize, and compare new car lease prices on its site,

Lease Riot allows users to compare current lease deals across all makes and models. By using industry tools, the site shows actual prices calculated from a user’s yearly mileage, credit score, current incentives, discounts, and money down requirements.

“Last year I was looking to lease a car and started my search online. To my surprise, there was no good way to shop and compare lease prices. One by one, I had to call each dealership just to get a quote,” says Michael Kuligowski, founder of Lease Riot. “I sorted through dealership ads and called to get quotes, but I was always quoted at a much higher price than advertised.

“It turns out that none of the advertised deals were actually available to me. The ads were based on a single vehicle or for people who qualify for a narrow set of incentives, designed to get customers to contact the dealership. Frustrated by the whole process, I realized there had to be a way to automatically get quotes from dealerships and compare across brands. I set out to make to make the leasing process as easy as possible.”

Lease Riot includes taxes, fees, yearly mileage, down payment, and credit factors when calculating payments. Once a user has found his or her vehicle, Lease Riot will confirm availability and price with local dealers.

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