Detroit Security Firms Merge To Expand Business, Technology


Two area security companies, Actron Systems and Tricon Security Group, have merged to form ATMC, which will soon open its headquarters in Detroit’s Guardian Building at Griswold and Congress, says Michael Whittaker, president of Tricon.

“The merger … is destined to open new markets and increase revenue in an industry that’s constantly changing,” Whittaker says.

Under ATMC, the new holding company for both firms, Actron and Tricon will retain their individual names while working together, Whittaker says. While Actron will handle technology, Tricon will provide the labor or “the boots on the ground,” he says.

This merger, according to Whittaker, will allow Actron to launch its Virtual Presence Remote Dedicated Security system, which is set to go live at the beginning of March.

“It will manage anyone (who we are watching) from (Actron’s) security center in Lincoln Park,” Whittaker says. “We will have copies of audio and video, and be able to hear fire alarms over the system.”