Detroit Nonprofit Offers New Resources, Training for Early Learning Educators


The nonprofit organization Excellent Schools Detroit will launch a series of resources and specialized training courses designed for early learning educators in Detroit to improve students’ learning and development outcomes, called the E3 Talent Design Lab.

Excellent Schools Detroit, formed in 2011, has a goal that by 2020, 90 percent of Detroit students are well prepared for kindergarten, graduate from high school on time, and go on to post-secondary programs and do so without needing remediation.

“The primary focus of the E3 Talent Design Lab is to place an emphasis on the importance of the concept of early learning across the continuum of birth to age eight, and offer specialized training to better equip those educators, administrators, and parents,” says Denise Smith, vice president of early childhood learning at Excellent Schools Detroit. 

Smith says the courses consist of large and small group sessions that use a coach-based model in which E3 staff work directly with teachers to help them achieve their goals.

She says the objectives, which are aligned with Michigan Early Childhood Quality Standards and Common Core, include strengthening early educators’ ability to use instructional techniques that support students’ mastery of academic and developmental milestones, developing resources and opportunities for parents of young students, and improving students’ literacy and math aptitude.

The organization will formerly launch its new programming on Saturday at a breakfast for parents and teachers at the University of Michigan Detroit Center in Detroit’s Midtown district.

For more information about enrollment in E3 or to RSVP for the breakfast launch, contact Bernita Bradley at 313-285-9156, ext. 33, or via email at

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