Detroit Labs Creates App Allowing Musicians to Fine-tune Sound Equipment


Detroit Labs, a mobile app development company in the central business district, has partnered with audio equipment manufacturer Electro-Voice to build a companion app to the ELX200 speaker system.

The app is called EV QuickSmart Mobile and gives musicians, DJs, and other audio professionals the ability to control up to six ELX200 Series portable loudspeakers from a mobile device or a tablet. The app simplifies the audio equipment setup process while providing a great user experience. The app allows users to control EQ settings, gain, preset, and crossover parameters while in front of a PA system.

“Any musician who cares about their craft understands the importance of sound quality, but the ability to fine-tune sound output in real-time hasn’t always been an easy feat to accomplish — until now,” says Paul Glomski, CEO of Detroit Labs. “This app solves that problem and gives musicians the ability to control sound output on multiple speakers right from their mobile device in a simplified, easy-to-use manner. Having this type of companion app will be a game-changer for Electro-Voice product users.”

For the project, Detroit Labs focused on the responsiveness of all speaker controls, individual speaker control and adjustment, group speaker control and adjustment, speaker alerts for real-time monitoring, corrective controls, and master and individual audio controls.

The app is available through Google Play and the App Store.

Detroit Labs makes iPhone, iPad, Android and vehicle apps. Its clients include Chevrolet, Domino’s Pizza Inc., and DTE Energy.

Electro-Voice is owned by Bosch Security Systems.

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