Detroit Institute of Arts Will Open 2 Major Exhibitions in October


The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) will open two major painting exhibitions, “Monet: Framing for Life” and “Church: A Painter’s Pilgrimage,” next month.

The Church exhibition, running from Oct. 22 until Jan. 15, 2018, will focus on paintings by American artist Frederick Church, from his travels in the Middle East, Athens, and Rome. The exhibition will compare Church’s pencil drawings and oil studies to his studio paintings.

Additionally, the Monet exhibition, running from Oct. 22 until March 4, 2018, will focus on one of the DIA’s Claude Monet paintings called “Rounded Flower Bed.” The exhibition will place the painting around 10 paintings by Monet and other Impressionist artists. The exhibit will present a history of Impressionism and how it fits into Monet’s body of work.

“We are fortunate to be able to open two separate exhibitions by two major artists side-by-side,” says Salvador Salort-Pons, DIA director. “The works we have assembled by Church and Monet will transport visitors to distinct places and time in history, allowing them to experience the world as the artists did.”

DIA members can view the exhibits at no cost. Prices for the general public and Oakland or Macomb County residents range from $5 to $16, based on age. The tickets are available starting on Sept. 15.