Detroit Fellowship Program Started for Software Developers


Grand Circus, a business incubation, training, and co-working lab in Detroit’s Broderick Tower, has teamed up with Invest Detroit to launch a fellowship program that connects graduating computer science majors with Michigan-based startups.

“Michigan start-ups are constantly looking to fill top developer talent for their companies,” says Bradley Hoos, head of community programs and co-founder of Grand Circus. “Our program, through generous support from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, will attract some of the best talent to Michigan, and promote job creation within the tech community.”

Those selected for the Hacker Fellows Program will receive at least $60,000 as they participate in a six-week session of hands-on training at Grand Circus and spend the remainder of the year working as a software developer for a Michigan startup. Among the participating employers are Detroit-based Gingkotree, Are You a Human?, and Foodjunky.

“We’re excited to launch this program, in concert with Grand Circus, as a way to cultivate and retain talent at start-ups throughout the state, which will in turn generate more commercially viable companies, creating density and jobs,” says Martin Dober, vice president of Invest Detroit. “Our organization’s First Step and Detroit Innovate funds are focused on providing financing and programmatic tools to promote the formation and development of high-growth companies in Detroit and the region.” 

The program is currently recruiting recent college seniors and graduates seeking technology-related work experience. For more information, or to apply to be a Hacker Fellow, visit