Detroit Entrepreneur Creates App Dedicated to Fashion Brands’ Sales, Events


Social content from fashion and lifestyle brands can now be found in one specific place — instead of through Instagram or Facebook — in a new app, called Tagly, created by Detroit entrepreneur Mark Alhermizi.

Alhermizi, founder and CEO of Tagly, says the app was created in response to Instagram’s announcement that it will begin testing an algorithm-based personalized feed for users, similar to one used by its parent company, Facebook. Instagram will place the photos and videos it thinks a customer will most want to see from the people they follow toward the top of their feed, regardless of the time those posts were originally shared, an algorithm created in response to the fact that 70 percent of social media content goes unseen.

Alhermizi says Tagly does the opposite, allowing customers to choose the categories of content that matter to them for each brand, whether it’s events, sales, trends, or news.

“Organic reach has been dying for years, and the recent announcement from Instagram is only another step towards the grave,” Alhermizi says. “Up until now, people have had no choice but to stomach these changes. We believe each user should have the power to choose what matters to them.”

The app puts brand content in a dedicated feed, offering customers news on sales, events, and trends.

“We’ve been fortunate to begin discussions with brands like Estée Lauder, Helmut Lang, Chanel, and Theory,” Alhermizi says. “With their input, we’re building a powerful platform for them to reach their followers on Tagly with 100 percent efficiency and reach.”

The free app is available for both iPhones and Android devices.​