Detroit-based Xenith Receives Top NFL Ranking for Helmets


Detroit-based helmet manufacturer Xenith received the highest performance ranking of all helmets evaluated by the National Football League.

“We’re thrilled that the NFL and the NFL Players Association have promoted additional testing to continue driving player safety education and we fully support comprehensive laboratory testing,” says Joe Esposito, CEO of Xenith.

Esposito says the NFL appointed biomedical experts to research 17 helmets used in the NFL and tested which helmets best reduced head impact severity. The Xenith EPIC received the highest rating of all tested helmets and the Xenith X2E Varsity also placed fourth. The Riddell Revolution Speed placed second, the Schutt Vengeance VTD placed third, and the Schutt Vengeance VTD II placed fifth.

Esposito says both the Xenith EPIC and the Xenith X2E Varsity feature Xenith’s Adaptive Head Protection, which is designed to minimize sudden movement of the head. The company provides helmets for youth, high school, college, and NFL players.

The report has been distributed to all 32 NFL teams. Xenith moved its company headquarters from Lowell, Mass. to Southwest Detroit in April. 

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