Detroit-based Tech Company Unveils App to Enhance Golfing Experience


Detroit-based golf tech startup Golfler has launched a mobile app that allows golfers to measure the distance to a hole, along with offering on-demand delivery of food and beverages anywhere on the course, digital scorecards, and live weather updates.

“With Golfler, we wanted to bring the clubhouse to the golfer — full service — wherever they are on the course, and help to speed up the game at the same time,” says Jason Pearsall, president and chief legal officer of Golfler. “The app’s features are designed to make amenities more accessible to players, while also increasing course bottom-lines — everyone wins.”

The free mobile app offers golfers on-demand access to course food and beverage menus, a 3-D rangefinder, live weather updates, and digital scorecards. The app uses GPS to pinpoint a golfer’s location anywhere on the course for faster deliveries.

Pearsall says the app also offers golf courses satellite fairway views of active users to resolve and prevent pace of play issues. He says course kitchens and pro shops will be able to accept orders and route delivers more efficiently through the app.

Golfler recently completed beta testing at Rackham Golf Course in Huntington Woods. While on-demand food and beverage delivery services will only be offered at courses that have partnered with Golfler, the app’s weather updates, scorecard, and GPS rangefinder will function at more than 12,000 golf courses in the United States.

Pearson says there is a nearly $1 fee per food and beverage transaction over $5 for both the user and the facility. All other features are complimentary. To download the app, click here