Detroit-based Miller Canfield Forms Legal Alliance Focused on the Americas


Detroit-based Miller Canfield has formed a network with three other law firms in Mexico and South America to provide legal services throughout the Americas.

"The alliance represents a bold step by the four founding firms to expand their reach to the entire western hemisphere, although each firm will continue to operate separately," says Jose Ceppi, of counsel to Miller Canfield and the executive director of The Legal Alliance of the Americas.

Ceppi says the law firms in the alliance have already been working with each other on common clients and transactions, and formalized the network to provide better responsiveness and services.

The alliance plans to market its services to prospective clients already in the Americas as well as to companies from other regions of the world looking to establish operations in North or South America. 

Ceppi says the Americas have become an important economic cluster, with more European and Asian countries establishing operations in the two continents.

The other three firms are Arizpe, Valdes & Marcos (Mexico), Estudio Malis & Associates (Argentina), and Rothman Sperling Padovan Duarte (Brazil).