Detroit-based BoostUp Launches Real Estate Savings Web Platform


Detroit-based BoostUp has launched a real estate savings Web platform allowing real estate professionals the opportunity to connect with homebuyers to ease the process of saving for a down payment.

“This platform is a win-win for both homebuyers and Realtors,” says John Morgan CEO of BoostUp. “Homebuyers are connected with real estate professionals that guide them to save towards their down payment goal, while Realtors are connected with new leads allowing them to sell more homes.”

Morgan says brokers and real estate agents that partner with BoostUp get a free, customizable landing page. They then offer a dollar-for-dollar savings program to consumers as a reward for doing business with them. Realtors only have to pay for their “boost” after closing on the home, so there’s no risk of losing money committed to home buyers.

Last year, the company partnered with Quicken Loans, allowing BoostUp customers to receive a free $750 boost to apply toward closing fees on a new home financed by Quicken Loans.

To register for the real estate platform, visit