Detroit-based Atwater Brewery Offers Line of Reclaimed Wood Beer Handles


Detroit’s Atwater Brewery has partnered with End Grain Woodworking Co., a Detroit-based woodworking company that uses reclaimed materials, to create a series of beer tap handles for purchase.

“Each of our new handles is crafted from worn, warped, and knotted century-old reclaimed wood, meaning that each one is truly unique,” says Jason Schrider, director of operations at Atwater Brewery.

Scrider says the handles are made from reclaimed wood in Detroit, and they all have a stamp on the back of each handle designating the exact location in the city where the materials were sourced.

“Old nails ruin saw blades, hairline splits are as common as splinters, and the dimensional lumber isn’t anywhere near as accurate as what you’d pick up at a lumber yard,” says Chris Behm, co-founder of End Grain. “What that means for the end product is that each one will be truly special.”

Atwater Brewery, founded in 1997, operates a brewery and tasting room in Detroit’s Rivertown district. In Grosse Pointe Park, it operates Atwater in the Park, a biergarten with food provided by The Epicurean Group in Detroit. Last month, Atwater added a line of spirits that includes whiskey, rum, vodka, and gin.

The beer handles are now available for purchase for restaurant and bar operators, and will be available for public purchase in mid-August.