Detroit-based 3-D Printing Service Provider Unwraps Operating System for Maker Businesses‬‬‬


Detroit-based Manulith, a 3-D printing and design service provider, is releasing an operating system today for maker businesses, including engineers and manufacturers. The turnkey application platform allows users to better manage clients, projects, and financials. 

‪"(The MakerOS) is the key ingredient to our 3-D printing and design service and has allowed for our growth," says Mike Moceri, CEO of Manulith. "It's now our dream to spread this incredible software to other businesses in the design, engineering, and manufacturing communities so that they may experience the same benefits that we have."

‪Moceri says the system offers features such as cloud storage, an integrated payment system, a custom invoice generator, and an online 3-D file viewer. In turn, customers can pay online securely, collaborate with designers to make a product, and get parts and projects completed faster. He says Manulith has been using the product since September 2014.

‪Manulith launched in Detroit last April. The company offers 3-D printing services to 200 clients in the automotive, aerospace, and medical fields, among others.

‪Moceri will unveil the product at the Inside 3-D Printing Conference in New York today. The MakerOS will be available for purchase in the coming months.