Detroit Apparel Retailer SMPLFD Moving to Gratiot Avenue Near Eastern Market


After selling its Detroit-themed clothing and wearables through wholesale and e-commerce channels, SMPLFD will open a store and printing operation along Gratiot Avenue, just south of Eastern Market. The store is set to open on Sept. 17, following a launch party the previous day.

In addition to selling an array of unique designs focused on Detroit, the region’s sports teams, and cultural icons, SMPLFD in recent months has been working with local institutions on brand and product development projects. Commercial clients include MOCAD, Standard Barber, and Detroit Skate Factory, all in Detroit.

“We will have all of our products on the first floor, and we will offer unique designs along with private label items that will be affordably priced for neighborhood residents who are looking for basic T-shirts, socks, and other everyday merchandise,” says Justin Fishaw, co-owner of SMPLFD with Andrew Davis and Vincent Troia.

“All three of us are now in our 30s, and we wanted to take what was a startup and open our first storefront. In the lower level, we are installing all of our printing equipment to keep our costs down, operate more efficiently, and begin to expand the design part of our business.”

The company offers T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and headwear, along with accessories like sunglasses and tote bags. It was founded in 2004, and was a side project as the owners pursued their respective professional careers. But recently, the trio has turned their full-time attention to formally launching the brand.

Located at 1480 Gratiot Ave., the store location is near People’s Records, Antietam, and Inner State Gallery.

“We chose the location because of the growing revitalization of Eastern Market, downtown, Midtown, and the neighborhoods,” Fishaw says. “We get plenty of visitors from around the region as well as tourists from our e-commerce sales, and with the strong growth we’re seeing, we’re looking forward to meeting everyone at our first store location.”

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