Detox Day Spa Opens in Lake Orion Township


Detox Day Spa has opened to the public in Lake Orion today, focusing on holistic health services to detoxify the mind and body for better health and more energy. The spa concept centers on providing two to three detox services to clients once a week for approximately 60 minutes, anecdotally addressing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, digestive issues, obesity, fatigue, cancer, joint issues, brain disorders, lower respiratory issues, and more.

Located just past the Great Lakes Outlet Mall on South Baldwin Road, Detox Day Spa’s services include: alkaline water therapy, bioflavonoid therapy, detox foot baths, detoxifying facials, hydro-massage, infrared sauna detox, and reflexology machines.

“Americans are waking up to the fact that our bottled and tap water is toxic. Our food is no longer nutrient rich and even daily-use products, such as deodorant, are adding to our toxin levels,” says Anthony Martinez Beven, Detox Day Spa’s founder, owner, and operator. “Then there’s medications that aren’t solving health problems; instead causing side effects.”

Detox Day Spa will be hosting grand opening specials, which can be viewed here.